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Schuerholz on the Hudson Deal

Atlanta Braves blogger Joe Hamrahi of SB Nation and concludes his interview with GM John Schuerholz today.

It's a recommended read mostly because of the opening paragraph regarding his view on "winning and losing" trades.

In particular, this philosophy:

My view is that when you make a deal, the most important thing is to make your team better. The next most important thing is to make the other team better...because if you do that often enough, there's going to be a lot of guys lined up to do a deal with you. That's always been my philosophy in the 25 years I've been general manager. Why would you want to do anything else? So somebody writes something or says something about what a steal we made...I don't care about making steals. I care about making our team better. And the second most important thing is that, hopefully, the other team gets better.

A shrewd approach for sure.

He also goes onto comment on how other teams evaluate talent including a subtle reference to guys sitting at computers.   During a slow week, it's definitely worth a read.