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So What Happened?

I went and visited family over the holiday. Ate way too much and just enjoyed the warm thought of the Oakland A's 2006 team.

In the meantime, the Rangers did what the Rangers had to do to get a starting pitcher to pitch in that launching pad of a home ball park. Yes, they way overpaid for Millwood, but the Rangers just have to overpay for starting pitching because no one wants to pitch there. My question is this...if they're willing to pay so much for Millwood, why not just keep Kenny Rogers who has proven he can pitch at that pitcher's graveyard?

The Blue Jays appear to have landed Troy Glaus and my question is this: Are the Blue Jays now better than the Boston Red Sox with the recent developments? You know, Damon in New York and Glaus in Toronto. You've got to hand it to J.P. in remaking that team. They now have pitching and seem to have just enough hitting to challenge the Yankees for that division. Of course, Burnett could blow up his elbow and Glaus could wind up on the DL, but right now that team looks poised to do some damage in the AL.

By the way, belated Merry Christmas to all!