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King Tees Finalized

All right, ladies and gentlemen. Here are what the final Bill King tee shirts will look like. Please let us know in the comments what size and style tee shirt you would like.

You aren't officially placing an order. This will just give our company an idea as to how many to order of each type of shirt.

Sorry, we don't have any examples of what the girly tees will look like, but they are similar in color scheme.

Here is what they look like...

First, the green tees:

Now, the green and gold tee:

And finally, the white tee:

Again, just let me know your size and quantity(remember the throwback tees run a smaller size that you would usually wear). Once again, all of the profits associated with this tee will be donated to the A's Community Fund which has promised to then donate it to the Smuin Ballet per Bill's family's request.

Thanks, folks. Unfortunately, these probably won't get to you in time for the holiday. But please order generously.