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Reaction on the Bradley Deal

A day after the deal, and the media reaction is pouring in.

From the LA Times and World's Biggest Tool nominee (he has MY vote) Bill Plaschke to perennial misanthrope Ray Ratto, the prevailing opinion seems to be the same.

People will just wait for Bradley to go berserk. For me, that becomes a very dangerous situation because people are constantly poking and prodding you, hoping to set that dynamite off. Thankfully, the media in the Bay Area is largely nonconfrontational. It's downright pacifist compared to the media in Los Angeles where a once proud sports section has turned into New York tabloid West. Yes, I'm looking at you, Los Angeles Times.

Now, most of this is obviously Bradley's own doing. When you let your anger control you and act out in such public fashion, people will inevitably label you as ticking time bomb. The truth is that perhaps Bradley will be nitroglycerin in the A's clubhouse. Shake it too hard and watch out. But perhaps the laid back, card-playing, camaraderie-filled A's clubhouse is the perfect solution for what ails Bradley. Better yet, perhaps his explosive, I desperately want to win personality will infect the A's.

Regardless, it's going to be a situation to carefully monitor. I get the feeling that Ken Macha doesn't always deal well with the problem players.

Oh, and one final thing. Had Paul DePodesta made this deal, I imagine Plaschke would've been crying how the "computer geek" got taken to school by "only" getting a prospect for two major leaguers. Yep, Biggest Tool on the Planet.