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Rincon Gone

Ding dong, the LOOGY is dead. Or at least wearing red. Ricardo Rincon went and signed with the St. Louis Cardinals.

With Mike Myers signing with the New York Yankees last week, the pickings are somewhat slim for a LOOGY. But Rincon's replacement could possibly be one of his new teammate's brother. Randy Flores' brother Ron could be next in line to take Rincon's role. Either that or Joe Kennedy could take on that role. I wouldn't necessarily bet on that being the final answer though.

As for free agents, Alan Embree or Jason Christiansen seem to be about it. And neither of them would be any better than Rincon.

Another name to keep in mind as a darkhorse? John Rheinecker. Rheinecker seemed to put it all together last year at Triple-A and was pitching better than any point in his career when he went down with an injury.

But many of the Rincon haters out there finally have their wish. Ricky is gone.