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Open Thread: Trade Talk

This is short, sweet and is a beautiful representation of everything that was wrong with the DePodesta situation. The Times is a registration site only, but I'm surprised that the paper would run this column in the first place.

Interestingly enough, rumors abound that David Forst could be interviewing for other available positions. That could mean that DePodesta does make a return engagement in Oakland.

Either way, I'm anticipating something happening right around mid-December with the A's. It's happened every year for the past several seasons. Whether it was the Durazo deal, the Hudson deal or the Mulder deal, the A's always seem to change a bit just in time for the holidays. Apricot suggested having an open thread on a certain day throughout the offseason. I think that's a great idea with all the trade proposals on here. I'll start it today, but from now through spring training, Thursday will become Trade Talk Thursday. That thread will be the place for speculation, rumor and any other suggestion you might have.

By the way, one other item. Don't forget to continue voting for Bill King. We have three more weeks to make sure that King has a great opportunity to be honored the way he should.