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Street Wins Rookie of the Year

Huston Street has completed the back-to-back performance of A's Rookie of the Years. Bobby Crosby wins last season and then Street this year.

Street, in contrast to Crosby's year last year, had a bunch of high quality rookies to compete against. Robinson Cano, Jonny Gomes and Tadahito Iguchi were all high-quality competition. Not to mention, Street's own teammates in Nick Swisher and Dan Johnson, both of whom finished sixth in the voting.

I mentioned before that Beyond the Boxscore has a pitching metric that ranked Street's performance in 2005 eighth in the American League. Not of relievers, but of ALL pitchers.

He had an ERA of 1.72, gave up only three home runs, had three times as many strikeouts as walks and saved 23 out of 27 games. His importance to the team was immeasurable in the sense the A's didn't really have a closer after Dotel went down.

Congratulations, Huston!

My question is, do you think there's any chance that Daric Barton or Andre Ethier can make it a hat trick in consecutive seasons?