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May I Have This Dance?

Sorry I couldn't post a new story last night, but I was chaperoning my school's first junior high dance of the year. To paint an accurate picture in your mind, imagine two 12 year olds, 1.5 arms-lengths apart, each with both arms in full rigor-mortis position. Then picture faces that look like each of them just burped up oatmeal--you know, the "Curt Young look"--and allow each of them to sway gently so as to appear slightly autistic. That's slow-dancing at our innocent school. Very sweet. Please feel free to use this thread to tell of your junior high school-dance memories. Or...

In GoG fashion, anyone care to make official guesses as to who will win the various awards to be announced later this month?

AL MVP, AL Cy Young, AL Rookie of the Year, NL MVP, NL Cy Young, and NL Rookie of the Year should all be announced between now and the Winter Meetings. Forget who should win; who will? And for extra credit, who do you think will finish 2nd, and 3rd, in the AL Rookie of the Year voting? Anyone who gets all 8 out of 8 right wins an autographed player from Scooter. (Get it?)