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Last Day to Vote for Bill King

Lost among the Loaiza hype is the fact that this is the last day to vote for Bill King for the Ford C. Frick Award.

Please vote for him today even if you haven't been voting regularly throughout the month. And only vote once because you don't want to risk having your vote thrown out (apparently the Hall of Fame incorrectly told people they can vote more than once with different email addresses - I just recently found that out). It's the least we can do for him. I'll shut up about it from now on.

Also, just quickly, the site will be down tomorrow night from 10 p.m. PST through 11 p.m. PST. We're migrating all SportsBlogs sites to new servers.

By the way, Paul Konerko re-signed with Chicago as I was writing this, so he isn't in Anaheim. That might not be as good news as people would expect for the A's. It means that Anaheim will probably use Kotchman, who will very likely be a better player than Konerko eventually any way. Let's just hope Kotchman doesn't mature very quickly.