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A's Need "Lip" Glaus

So many have been tossing out ideas for what the A's need to put them over the top. Many, including myself, believe it's one more power threat. I recently read rumors that Manny Ramirez could be on his way to the Angels with Erstad and Troy Glaus involved.

If Troy Glaus is available, I think he would be a perfect fit for the A's. Glaus has always an injury risk, but last season he played 149 games for the Diamondbacks. He hit 37 bombs and 29 doubles. His .522 slugging percentage would've been the highest on the A's by .045 points. Glaus has a career .501 slugging percentage, which is a little better than what Eric Chavez's career slugging is.

There are also a couple of additional benefits to adding Glaus. First, he would mostly be the A's DH because Oakland has a five-time Gold Glove winner at third. But, the A's would also have the ability to rest Chavy a little more regularly which could help his aching shoulder. Right now, the A's really have no one in the organization who can play third and not represent a significant drop-off in offense.

Glaus does strike out too much. His 145 strikeouts would've also been tops on the A's. But his .363 OBP in 2005 and .358 career OBP certainly makes up for the Ks.

All this, plus he's right-handed which the A's need and I'm sure he would love a chance to show the Angels just what they gave up. He is also only 29 years old.