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Is this really happening?

Someone in Canada has been drinking the crazy juice. And it's not Don Cherry.

If the terms of this signing turn out to be true, this deal seems absolutely ludicrous. I mean, I don't mind the Blue Jays spending a good deal of money to try and improve, but last season was B.J. Ryan's first season as a closer.

Yes his numbers were excellent, but still, to put him in Rivera and Gagne's neighborhood seems obscene. It's deals like this that throw the system all out of whack and exactly why baseball needs a salary cap. Just because you have extra money to spend doesn't mean you should spend $9 million a season on a closer. Again, I don't mind everyone in the AL East besides the Red Sox and Yankees getting better, but I do believe that the Jays will be regretting this contract. Probably not this season or next, but in the same way that the Red Sox are now regretting the Foulke deal.

Thankfully, the A's will have Huston Street under contract for some time and own his arbitration rights. Phew.

And just how did they get B.J. out of Robert Victor Ryan? I get the B for Bob, but where did the J come from?

But so far this offseason has been Lifestyles of the Rich and Richer (Toronto hasn't been in that group basically since J.P. Ricciardi got there).