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A Stadium Idea That Will Actually Work

I'm a little short on time today so I can't offer what is sorely missing on AN right now: a speculative diary about acquiring power for the middle of our lineup. But I did notice in the Chronicle today that Cal's Memorial Stadium--you know, the place that holds 60,000 people and sits directly over the Hayward fault--might need some reworking (perhaps some minor cosmetic tweaks, like retrofitting so that the entire stadium won't collapse in a 3.0-quake).

I don't know if you believe in harmonica virgins--sorry, harmonic convergence--but meanwhile, the A's need a new stadium and I don't hear much about Berkeley as a possible destination point. But check it out people, Berkeley is an awesome place for all this, and more, to come together in a true "Multi-Purpose Hotbed of Activity"...

Memorial Stadium: Home of the Berets (Bears and A's combined). Watch the A's continue to enjoy home field advantage as only they can accurately predict the "Metrodome super-ball" bounces off of springy astroturf. Watch the Bears try to tear up the field before the A's return from a road trip, only to keep it relatively intact by throwing mostly incomplete passes. And talk about a true multi-purpose stadium. Come enjoy the year round farmer's markets at Memorial Stadium: "Vegan and Soy" Mondays are fun (unless you like flavor), while Tofu Tuesdays are always a hit. And there's still room, in this hotbed-of-activity-multipurpose-stadium, to schedule "Girl Power" seminars, anti-fur activist meetings, the annual "Aromatherapy, Chair Massage, and You" pow-wow, advance screenings of Michael Moore films, and on and on.

See, no matter who you are, Memorial Stadium is where you're headed, because we're making Memorial Stadium the place to go, whether you're a Bears fan, an A's fan, or just a normal Berkeley freak like me.

All of which is to say: I've got nothing to add today, folks. Hey, think we can land Glaus or Giles?