Best AN Quotes of September...

Sorry, I know I'm behind on this. I've been recovering, but I had to finish the season out strong. Thanks, AN, for being a part of this rollercoaster season with me, thanks for all the love, the new friendships, the butt threads, the stories.

If you would like to see the archives, here they are. Some funny people on this blog.


And now...baseballgirl and AN productions present the best AN quotes of September.

In response to: "Cabrera was a mistake at least in terms of money&years. I just don't think its of the biblical proportions that some of the Yankemetdodgersox ones have been recently"

I love the idea that a contract mistake could have biblical proportions, like when Methuselah got signed for a 300-year contract with a no-trade clause, or when Noah signed a 5 year/$50M contract knowing that he had certain huge incentive bonuses kick in if he survived a civilization-extinguishing flood.  

I'm easily amused.      

After Greenwald's less-than-inspiring substitute announcing job

There MUST have been someone better to bring in. Poor Roy. :-( Apparently, the radio said he was sick? Now THAT could have been profitable, they could have sold A's Brand Earplugs and made a killing.

In response to "What should I name my son?" by foolsh

Rickey hasn't crossed your mind???
Could you imagine how proud you'd be the first time you heard lil' Rickey Gordon say, "Rickey Gordon hungry, feed Rickey."  

in response to Jennifer "I too cheap for TiVo. And I won't share how nerdy I get."

"You too cheap for tivo"
Apparently, you are also too cheap for verbs.

alaska A
In response to Poppy's "Anyway, when this roller coaster stops -- and there's a chance that it will stop in less than two weeks from now -- I'll still climb out grinning and wobble around to get in line again for next year."  

Well put.  Pity the poor fans that only get the "tea cup" ride year in and year out.


wow nice play ellis!
good thing you can clock Bengie with a calander


Listening to the Radio while Watching TV is like being Psychic while watching a toaster. You know the toast is going to pop up, fly in the air, and land butter side down, but its still surprises you when you see it with your own eyes.

In response to Shippee's "It would be awesome to date a chick from AN.  any one of you over 20?  im 24

And a bit humbling....
ANY AN GIRL: "What do you mean you can't compute VORP???!!!!"
YOU: "ummm well, do you still wanna see a movie?"

After Rincon's error allows the runner to get on base...

Having failed to give up a hit... Rincon takes it upon himself to put the runner on base regardless of where the ball was in play.


Titanic Nation

oaktoon: This is the finest, sturdiest, sleekest, most amazing oceangoing vessel ever crafted by the hands of man!
saint: Someone please take the wheel from Macha. He's steering directly for the icebergs! He's trying to hit them!
reztips: That's what you get for trying to put a boat in the North Atlantic. No one wants to be in the North Atlantic. It's a watery grave. With really low property values. Now, the Bermuda Triangle -- there's a region of the Atlantic to sail a ship through!
Sharon: That purser is really cute.
Jennifer: Let's take him down to steerage and lock him in my cabin.
oaktoon: Oh my god!!! This is the leakiest, most bilge-filled rustbucket ever to set sail! We're all going to drown!!!
monkeyball: The man who runs this shipping line has proved again and again that he only maintains enough lifeboats for 21 out of every 25 passengers.
louismg: [thought bubble coming from Keiichi Yabu's head] "Gee, I wonder if there's room for me in that lifeboat."
Blez: Calm down. There's room enough for everyone in the lifeboats. Except for ... you, you, and ... you.
oaktoon: No one builds lifeboats like Billy Beane. My god, these are the best lifeboats I've ever seen! We're saved!
ohad: I stayed up late to welcome the boat at the dock, but no one showed up. What happened?
Jennifer: <evil laugh> Take this lifeboat to the enchanted isle of Asslantis!
elcroata: My statistical charts indicate that if we choose right now to go to Asslantis, our likelihood of all drowning is 97.465%. If, however, we choose to pick up the plover's egg, we have a 55% chance of moving out of the cave. On the other hand, if we choose to turn left, we have to GO TO PAGE 34.

Still more...


Was the giants game start delayed 4 bonds worship? Flipped it over for a sec, and it was like 7:15 and all it was was shots of bonds in left and something about him and the ball boy. i mean, i know bonds means a lot to giants fans, but my gawd. the should just rename the team the "san francisco bonds teammates".

Best quote on opposing blog...
In response to salb918: "A's fan visiting again. For the love of all that is holy, please win tonight.  Pretty please?  I'll take back all the bad things I ever said about Bret Boone."

You don't have to.
We've said worse.
by Jeff

alaska A
I fell into a crevass climbing in New Zealand last year.  Took an hour to get me out and it was dark and cold.  But I feel more helpless with Rincon pitching.

Diary arguing about who is taller - PRICELESS

Thoughts on Jason Kendall

He couldn't homer in the wives softball game

Kendall... throws a runner out?
Way to go! Nice job by Chavvy of keeping Cano out of the endzone... er... 3rd base.

Thoughts on Yabba Dabba

after yabu gives up a HR, single and double
You can't take him out, he has a chance to pitch for the cycle now.


That's interesting
We can agree to disagree on the Rangers bullpen incident - I threw that in there to make a point, but I can see the argument that there is no place for chair throwing, regardless of what someone is yelling at you.
But how do you ignore the cell-phone incident?  Someone throws a cell-phone from the upper deck and hits a player in the head - are you suggesting it was somehow the player's fault?  Or that it was really a disgruntled Rangers fan?

Cell phone incident
I didn't personally see it, so I don't believe it ever happened.        

apparently Carl Everett DOES believe in cell phones.    

From the Gary Gillette chat:

Matt (Providence, RI): Colon, Lackey, Santana, Escobar, K-Rod plus Vlad, Dallas, Kotchman, Kendrick, Wood, Morales = dynasty?

Gary Gillette: (1:46 PM ET ) Dynasty? How about putting some space between them and an injury-hobbled A's team as a first step? The Angels have played well, but you're prematurely ejaculating to call them a dynasty.