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Open Thread: World Series Game 1

The White Sox and Astros are living proof that to win the World Series, you need, at the very least, good starting pitching, good timing, and good luck. Since the start of the 2000 season, the A's have generally been 1/3 of the way there...

In Game 1 tonight, Jose Contreras takes the mound against Roger Clemens. Remember, the White Sox' bullpen has pitched exactly 2/3 of an inning in the last two weeks; it will be interesting to see how the "insanely well-rested" White Sox bullpen plays out as a possible factor one way or the other.

Of course, tonight begins the ultimate rarity among baseball series: the only interleague games that could ever meet Bill King's approval. For many of us, as we turn our attention to the Fall Classic, shock has now turned to grief, and everything seems to remind us of what we have lost. Sigh. Enjoy the games.