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Beane's Quest: To Find The Best Flawed Player Available

The other day, I tried to listen to a series of commercials and they kept interrupting with KNBR programming. I hate it when that happens. OK, back to this diary...right after these 23 messages...

One thing we know is that this offseason, Billy Beane wants to add a "big bat" to the A's lineup. Will this come via a free agent or a trade? Will it be a lefty or righty swinger? Will it fall short of or exceed hopes and expectations? This we don't know. But if you're trying to guess, here are my suggested "words to the wise"...

It will be someone with overt flaws and covert strengths. Why? Simply because this is what the A's can both afford and desire. Players with no overt flaws are too expensive; players with no covert strengths are not desirable.

Looking at the list of players bantied about on AN the last month, I would rule out guys like Manny Ramirez, Paul Konerko, and Miguel Cabrera, because super sluggers who are in their prime will cost the A's too much to add. But who knows? Among free agents, I would say that Brian Giles fits, because he has the overt flaw of being past his prime years (and the covert strengths of high OBP and solid road numbers). Among players the A's could trade for, I would say Aubrey Huff fits, because he carries the overt flaw of coming off a down year (and the covert strengths of being in his prime and hitting lefties and righties equally well).

Anyway, the main point of this post is to put out there the theory that the player who joins the middle of the A's lineup will be someone with "overt flaws and covert strengths". Agree or disagree?