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Ding Dong The Rich Are Dead

If Houston wins one more game. The following teams have been eliminated this postseason, and their payroll follows.

The Yankees - $208.3 million
The Red Sox - $123.5 million
The Angels - $97.7 million
The Braves - $86.4 million

(Source: USA Today Salary Database)

And if the Cardinals follow suit, they have a $92.1 million total in 2005 salaries. Those are five of the top 10 teams in total payroll in the majors. The Yankees and Red Sox being 1-2 and the Angels being fourth.

What does this say? A huge payroll may buy you a look at the playoffs, but it doesn't guarantee you anything.

And I know a lot of you have said that a huge payroll doesn't bother you, but I like to root for underdogs and any team with $22 million less in total salary is a team I'm going to cheer for.

Congratulations to the White Sox who go to their first World Series since 1959. Their pitching was just remarkable this postseason and shows that pitching still is key to win a championship. Or at least get there. And I would still love to see Billy try and get Konerko.

One last note...congrats to Jermaine Dye, a guy who never seemed to be able to get fully healthy with our A's after his current teammate El Duque broke his leg. Go Vacaville!