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Game 1 to the Halos

Score one for the "take and rake" contigent, as tonight the White Sox ran themselves out of early innings, then let Podsednik and Rowand demonstrate the down side of the bunt--the tendency to put one hitter in a two-strike hole, and take the bat out of a power hitters hands, all at just the wrong time.

Meanwhile, after just 3+ years, the league seems to have finally discovered that if you sit on a breaking pitch, K-Rod will usually throw it anyway.

But as so often is the case, a game comes to down to the "little fundamentals"--like knowing when you don't have a chance for the DP and shouldn't let that third run of the inning score. That's the run the White Sox needed to have back.

Personal prediction (no promises, though): tomorrow will be a yawner by way of a White Sox blowout, something 8-1-ish. From my personal experience and observation both, travel fatigue often catches up to a team the day after--so I expect the Angels to be flat and for Buehrle to take advantage. Meanwhile, even a healthy Washburn could still be a bit weak, not great for a pitcher who relies primarily on his fastball. You heard it here first, unless I'm wrong.

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