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Byrnes Most Likely to Be Dealt

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I apologize in advance to those of you that are Byrnes fanatics, but there is a good chance that Eric Byrnes will be traded. It isn't news as many rumors have circulated about Byrnes of late.

But the truth is that with Charles Thomas and Bobby Kielty in the wings, Byrnes will likely be moved. The fact is that Byrnes will probably receive a salary in the $1-2 million range and Thomas is a much cheaper option. He is also more steady defensively than the sometimes spectacular, sometimes erratic Byrnes in left field.

And of the main three that Urban discusses in the weekly mailbag, Durazo, Dotel and Byrnes, Durazo was considered Beane's "holy grail" and has the patience Beane covets. Dotel is a crucial part of the pen while Street becomes acclimated to the big leagues.

So, while losing Byrnes would be a blow to a reeling fanbase, Beane is more than willing to make tough we've already seen.