Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Disturbing Trend?

I've been sucked into some name change drama and as much as I hate the Angels, I do feel sorry for them.  For I go to Cal State Hayward, soon to be renamed into something else just for the money, they say the name change would redefine the university into a "regional university,"  just like Arte Moreno and Co. would say the the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim would redefine the team as a "regional team."  We all know it BS and it's nothing more that a change for more money, in ad revenue for the Angels and endowments for Cal State.  Here's a few links about the Cal State situation if you're not a Bay Area local.

Also here the link to the Angels press release. 926747&vkey=pr_ana&fext=.jsp

Note how both name changes (school and team) say something about making it more regional.

Now, back to baseball.  We've lived with stadium naming deals for awhile now and buildings named after people who put down money for it isn't exactly a new thing, I mean the Haas School of Business at Cal, named after the Haas family after a big endowment.  Or Busch stadium, the first MLB venue to be named after a brand, though indirectly, Anheuser-Busch named it after their founder Aldophus Busch but then released Busch beer right after the stadium opened.  

If a team can change it's, for a lack of a better term, "location affiliation" why don't the just sell the naming rights of the teams?

In the Japanese Baseball leagues only one team (I believe) has the name of their city in the name of their team, the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, but even that has a corporate name in the team name (Toyo tires?).  The most famous of the Japanese Baseball teams that the casual American baseball fan might know is the Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo.  They're named after Yomiuri Shimbun, a newspaper.  The most blatant of the corporate team names is tha Nippon Ham Fighters, now that is a lame name.

Do you think were on this dark path, in which maybe one day the Bay Bridge Series during interleague would be the Oracle Giants of San Francisco vs. the Men's Wearhouse Athletics of Oakland?