Giambi wanted a bong hit

Okay, I'm bored so I'll tell AN about the time I ran into Giambi and mini G at Riley's bar in Chico, back in 1998. Needless to say I was wasted, I bought a round of shots, put them on a tray and walked my drunkass up to his table. At that time his gf lived in chico. Anyway I plopped the drinks on the table and started talking, not sure what I said but we talked about the A's for about 20 minutes, how he thought greg papa was a poser and how billy taylor shld get dealt. But the best part was when he said"hey you smell like gonja" As I was apologizing he said" no,it's cool, do you have any?" I almost fell over. For some unknown reason, I said no, even though my house was like a block away. Anyway, I've always regretted not smokin him out. Maybe I cld have traded him for some Anyway it's kinda quiet so i thought I'd tell a TRUE story. Disclaimer: To avoid potential liability, the truth is a absolute defense to a slander claim.