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Erubiel Durazo: Resigned to One-Year Deal

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According to a high-ranking A's source, Erubiel Durazo has been resigned to a one-year deal. I wasn't given the financial terms of the deal.

Good thing since the A's need Ruby's pop in the lineup, and I guess we have our answer as to who the 1B/DH combination will be. It will be Hatteberg and Durazo.

That's a whole lot of OBP in the A's lineup. From Kendall to Kotsay to Durazo to Chavez to Hatteberg to even Swisher, the A's should create quite a logjam on the basepath this season.

What a beautiful sight it will be.

Update [2005-1-14 18:12:20 by Blez]: - The Ruby resigning has officially been announced.