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San Jose That Much Closer to Reality

It looks like our Oakland Athletics are on the verge of being sold to Lewis Wolff.

So for everyone who has always said that they hate the Schott and Hofmann regime, they should be celebrating today. Although Wolff buying the team likely means that he is going to make a big push to bring the team to San Jose.

Mark Purdy talks about the sale to Wolff in more definite terms (registration required).

Monday, for the first time, A's owner and managing general partner Steve Schott said that 100 percent of the team will be sold to Lew Wolff, a Los Angeles developer and part-owner of the San Jose Fairmont and Hilton hotels -- if Wolff exercises an option to buy the team during the next few months.

Previously, it was believed that Schott would retain a stake in the A's. But he intends to sell his entire 50 percent share of the franchise and said that the other half of the team, owned by partner Ken Hofmann, will also be sold.

Wolff has been researching sites for a new stadium for over a year, and it's likely that he already has a viable place targeted with the team.

I believe that Billy Beane has an opt-out clause in his contract which would allow him to leave our A's if the team is sold. Let's just hope that isn't his intention because I'd take Schott and company with Beane on board over anything else not involving our GM.