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We Must Believe

Repeat after me..."I am an Oakland Athletics fan through and through and I believe in this team."

Yes, tonight was another brutal, heart-twisting loss...and I've been as guilty as anyone of starting to give into the negative slide, but we need to collectively believe.

The A's have been resilient all year long, and their collective backs are now firmly against the wall. Tomorrow's game is probably the season. I'm not too happy it's coming down to Mark Redman at home, but win that game and don't worry about Anaheim-Texas. And remember, it's possible that Mike Scioscia made a very unwise decision to go to a four-man rotation. Jarrod Washburn struggled mightily tonight. The Angels pen also got overworked.

I know people are going to blame Macha for keeping Harden in, but the kid was still dealing and frankly, I would much rather see him in there to face Boone with how the kid was pitching.

Mecir had been lights out, so no one can blame him for that decision either.

The season is killing us not so softly, but remember the old saying about it being darkest before the light? Well, it's pretty damn dark right now, but I still have a glimmer of hope lighting my way.

Join with me and show the green and gold that we still believe. Say it loud and say it proud...