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Chinny, Chin, Chin

The A's should be thankful that they are league leaders in a new stat that the SABR boys haven't started tracking yet.

CHPPP, or chin hair per position player,is going to be a crucial stat for our boys down the stretch because that's the only way they are going to make the playoffs is by the hair on that chinny, chin, chin.

The stress level of these games is intense, and part of me was thankful that we didn't get the game in Sacramento because I would've probably gone into cardiac arrest.

For those of you who were questioning Mark Kotsay as Athletics team MVP earlier this week, and there weren't many, I imagine you've changed your feelings from Kotsay's performance tonight. How about 4-4 tonight with a walk?

Eric Chavez is worrying me. Big time. He's a remarkable talent, but he is going into a massive slump at the worst possible time. His OBP has dipped .042 points this month from last month and his average is at .234 for September.

On the bright side, if the A's could force their way into the playoffs, perhaps he will catch fire because as we all know, Chavy is a streaky player.

And finally, let's give it up tonight for Marco Scutaro who not only contributed at the plate, but made a play that it's very likely that Mark McLemore might not have made. While I love McLemore's approach at the plate, Scutaro deserves to be in there the rest of the way. It's that plain and simple.