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Game 155 Open Thread

Mark Mulder with a 17-6 record and a 4.25 ERA versus John "Slingblade" Lackey with a 13-12 record and a 4.62 ERA.

With Texas already getting pounded today by Seattle 9-0, the A's have an opportunity to make things a little clearer in the AL West. Lackey has been remarkable in September and Mulder has looked unremarkable. So, this game will be a challenge for our green and gold crew.

With Texas playing Anaheim for four games this week, the A's could possibly render next weekend's series moot with a victory tonight and a good performance with Seattle this week.

Things never seem that easy for the A's, so we shall see. Even if the A's don't win tonight, it would be nice to at least see Mulder pitch well. Could you imagine where this team would be right now if Mulder had not lost his form?

Regardless, as with every game until the A's clinch, this is the biggest game of the year so far.

GO A'S!!!