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Game 154 Open Thread

Mark Redman with an 11-12 record and a 4.81 ERA versus Jarrod Washburn with an 11-8 record and a 4.46 ERA.

The A's reacted exactly as you would want a team to react to inflammatory comments made by the opposition. With indifference publicly, and then taking that fight to the field.

I'm ticked that television isn't showing the game in the Sacramento area. Instead, we're getting the Giants-Dodgers.

This lack of A's TV coverage here during crunch time is ridiculous and KMAX should be picking up all of the remaining A's games that are on Action-36. I told them so, and I suggest others tell them the same. I know today it's the Fox TV people, but it would seem to make sense that Fox Sports Net plus pick up the game for those of us who can't get KICU (but that would actually be LOGICAL). The A's TV deal stinks for those of us here in Sacramento. We get the shaft as my brother in Southern California sees more A's games than I can.

Any way, Redman needs a huge performance. Thankfully, Washburn has been similar to Redman this season, with a 4-4 record at home and a 5.88 ERA versus his 7-4 record on the road with a 3.39 ERA. I've seen Washburn pitch a couple of times since he came off the DL and he's been great, as his ERA in September indicates. He has a 2.81 ERA despite a 1-3 record.

If the A's can somehow pull off this game, the A's increase their chances of winning the division exponentially.

GO A'S!!!