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Game 152 Open Thread

Tim Hudson with a 12-5 record and a 3.36 ERA versus Chan Ho Park with a 3-6 record and a 5.92 ERA.

As bear88 says in his diary, today's game is a crucial game with the Angels off. If the A's can pull this win off, then the worst they can be after the weekend in Anaheim is tied for first.

That's not ideal, but at least they're guaranteed to retain first place (if they win).

Then the Rangers and Angels play each other for four games and either Texas or Anaheim will be losing every night. It will be the A's responsibility to make sure they beat Seattle and set themselves up for an easy finish.

Can someone tell me when Eric Young became Ty Cobb? Or at least against the A's...he has an OPS of 1.304 in 47 at-bats. Ouch.

I'm opening this thread early because I'm heading to a client conference.

Come on bulldog, give our boys a lift!