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Game 150 Open Thread

Mark Mulder with a 17-5 record and a 4.13ERA versus Ryan Drese with a 13-8 record and a 3.73 ERA.

Well, the first open game thread for the new look AN. Welcome aboard and just in time for the A's stretch drive.

Mulder goes against the Bizarro Mark Redman in Ryan Drese as Drese excels at home and struggles on the road, as I mentioned the other day.

It's been rehashed 15,000 times how Mark Mulder is struggling. He believes that he has turned a corner, but I thought I remember him saying that the last time out.

This is what he said this time:

"I didn't pitch great,'' he said Sunday, "but I was throwing strikes. It was better than it looked.''

Let's just hope that Arlington doesn't wear out our entire pitching staff heading into the big weekend series with the Angels.

Stretch out and make yourself comfortable in the new Athletics Nation.

GO A'S!!!