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Welcome to AN 2.0

The Internet grows in dog years as opposed to newspapers and other forms of media, who make changes slowly and methodically.

With that thought in mind, it was time for Athletics Nation to update its look, its feel, but especially its interactivity.

If you've been with AN for a while now, you realize that this site boasts some of the most intelligent baseball dialogue on the Internet. The AN comments are always interesting and remarkably insightful.

So, the new site has a key feature to bring that to prominence. That is the diary portion on the right hand column, beneath the AL West standings. Once you register for the site and pick a username, you can create your own mini-blog on the diaries. I believe it will be a powerful tool to showcase how the most intelligent and well-informed A's fans reside here, in AN.

I also think the look is much better, cleaner and more refined than the old AN.

This likely won't be the finished site as I'm sure I will continue to make changes and updates to it as the need arises, but hopefully this site will blow your socks off.

Thanks again to kos, who is the driving force behind much of what I've done here. He is the definition of a true friend. By the way, be sure to click on "Entry Link" below to say what you think of the brand new AN.