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The Grabowski Diaries Part 2

When A's prospective outfielder Jason Grabowski has had a chance this spring, he has been hitting consistently. He has 13 plate appearances and six hits for a .462 average and a .692 slugging percentage.

Grabber's been kind enough to contribute an occasional spring training diary piece exclusively for Athletics Nation.

Last week, it was all about badminton and hopscotch. This week, it's partying A's style and feats of strength.

Without further ago, heeeere's Jason:

Hello again everybody. It's that time of week and I figured I would let you all know what has been going on inside the clubhouse. Nothing too exciting, but on the field we have been playing a lot better. We are finally starting to hit a little bit more and our pitching is getting better as camp goes on. It will start to get interesting now as camp goes on because of cuts that are being and going to be made. It just means a little more playing time for everyone. Plus then you start to see more of a togetherness with the team. We all know the team is pretty much set but you still want to get to know everyone while they are here. So as guys go down, you can start having a little more fun with the guys you already know well. Whether it's playing cards or what not.

Off the field was rather exciting this week as we had Radical Reality come in and do some feats of strength. They are our baseball chapel guys that put on a motivational show for us. They break bats over their legs, roll up frying pans, break cinder blocks with their arms and heads! Plus a lot more. So that has become a yearly event for us and never ceases to amaze me. The other night we all got together as Jermaine Dye had a little party at his house. All I can say is wow. What an amazing place he has, and it says a lot about a guy to have the whole team over to his house for dinner. It was catered and just overall spectacular.

So now I am just going to enjoy the off day, go back and try to impress someone. I have been doing well and hope to continue to. You just never know what is going to happen and who might be watching. So I hope to be around to talk to you all soon. Take care.


Thanks, Jason. You can count on Athletics Nation readers to be watching.