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Beane's Biggest Boom

So, yesterday we dealt with Billy Beane's biggest blunder. Now we've got to stand back and marvel at all the wondrous moves our master GM has made.

Taylor for Isringhausen. Foulke for Koch. Adkins for Durham. Jermaine Dye's acquisition was pretty huge during the stretch run in 2001 and he gave up very little for JD. Dumping Rhodes and Redman's contracts for someone as skilled as Jason Kendall. The Durazo trade seems brilliant now.

There are so many that it's tough to pick just one. But in my opinion, the best move Billy ever made was the Hernandez/Long for Kotsay because Beane acquired a player who solidified definite weakness while jettisoning a clubhouse cancer. Sure, Hernandez's loss probably hurt the pitching staff this year, but getting rid of Long's attitude and contract was a stroke of genius. AND he acquired a player who was arguably the team's best all-around, most consistent player in 2004.

I'm really excited to see Kendall, Kotsay and Chavez at the top of the order.

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