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Lost Among the Trades

Is the fact that the A's have completely upgraded their most significant weakness...the bullpen.

Suddenly, the A's have Juan Cruz and Kiko Colero, two of the top set-up men in the majors last season. These two replace Mecir as eighth inning men.

It was at significant cost in losing two rocks of the rotation, but both Meyer and Haren are on the cusp of being something special.

Remember, Anaheim won the World Series in 2002 without known quantities at starting pitcher.

The A's offense is also truly built in a high-OBP fashion now as well with Kendall, Thomas, Swisher and company in the fold.

So, while the trades have most of us depressed because of the thought of never seeing Mulder and Hudson in green and gold, all hope is not lost.

Barry Zito said it best:

"Am I surprised by all of this? Yeah, a little," he said. "But did I think we'd all be in Oakland together forever? No. That's unrealistic. The bottom line is that Billy has a job to do, and I've been around long enough and seen enough of what he's done to always have complete faith in whatever his master plan might be.

"Even when you don't understand something while it's happening, you just have to trust him on it. His track record speaks for itself."

In Billy He Trusts. In Billy We Should Trust.