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Mulder Gone Too

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First Hudson. Then Mulder.

Is Zito next?

Today, AN took a punch in the gut. Peter Gammons said for a while that the A's would likely be rebuilding in 2005 with an eye toward being potent in 2006.

That has now come to pass. The A's are officially dumping players.

And while the dismemberment of the Big Three is two-thirds complete, I have faith in Billy Beane.

Realize that the A's winning curve has gone this way over the past six seasons.

1999 - 87 wins
2000 - 91 wins
2001 - 102 wins
2002 - 103 wins
2003 - 96 wins
2004 - 91 wins

Beane could see the writing on the wall. That's a bell curve right there. And it was with the Big Three in the fold.

It's a sad day for an A's fan because the immediate future seems bleak. But remember, Billy could see the writing on the wall...bell curves don't lie.

I still can't believe we've seen our last games pitched by both Hudson and Mulder in green and gold.

Turns out that Mychael Urban's book ACES will be the Big Three's epitaph.

If ever we needed AN to be a support group, it is now.