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Beane's Biggest Blunder

In Billy We Trust. It's repeated very often here in AN. It's the most prevalent message on this site.

And with trades like Billy Taylor for Isringhausen, Mario Encarnacion and Jose Ortiz for Jermaine Dye and Jon Adkins for Ray Durham, who could blame us?

Yet, alas, our Beane is not perfect. He makes mistakes. Sometimes they're 6'4", 225 pound mistakes.

But in having a conversation with Jeff Sullivan from Leone for Third tonight, we discussed Beane's biggest mistakes.

So I wanted to throw it open for debate.

There are several from recent memory including the Eric Karros and Arthur Rhodes signings. But there's also the Terrence Long contract and trades like Venafro and Pena for Mario Ramos, Jason Hart, Ryan Ludwick and Gerald Laird. Perhaps it's deciding to let Miguel Tejada go in favor of Eric Chavez?

Granted, Beane has to shop in the bargain bin more often than most and the chances of those toys breaking down are often higher than other franchises, but he's praised for his ability to find the quality steals.

So, vote in the poll below and let me know any other rare Billy blunders.

Thank God Billy knows how to cover his tracks. Possibly better than any other GM in the game.