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Happy Birthday, AN!!!

November 7, 2003. Athletics Nation goes live for the first time.

With nothing but a dream of creating a place where Athletics fans can talk and speculate and gather like that monstrous and often obnoxious Giants rooter KNBR 680, AN was born.

Now, 365 days and close to a quarter of a million visitors later, AN has become larger than I ever envisioned.

But the greatest joy about this experiment is that this site has helped to bring A's management and players closer to their most diehard fanbase. And there are plans in place to make AN 2005 an even better experience for the best group of fans in baseball.

Some of the changes to AN will happen soon, some will happen more gradually, some will happen once the regular season starts.

AN is undergoing an evolutionary process and you've only seen the beginning.

With that said, Happy Birthday, AN!!! You've grown quite a bit for a one-year-old. Here's to an even better 2005 season.