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Big Three Want to Remain Three Oaktown Amigos

Mychael Urban interviewed Barry Zito, Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder about their Oakland (or lack thereof) future over on the A's official site.

The article catches up with the boys and their offseason hobbies, Hudson hanging out with family and watching college football, Mulder playing some golf and Zito is, what else, surfing and playing music.

All three express a desire to want to stay together in Oakland:

That doesn't stop them from a little daydreaming, though. When it was suggested that the A's, who have another emerging ace in right-hander Rich Harden, might decide to keep The Big Three intact and spend a little money on some offense and bullpen help to take one last shot at a world title, all three of them perked up considerably.

"That's the ideal," Hudson said.

"I'd love to see that," Mulder said. "That'd be awesome."

"One more shot at it with all of us and Rich would be great," Zito said. "I've had a lot of fun in Oakland, and I love all the players in our clubhouse. I don't really want to see it end."

But they also all seemed resigned to the reality of playing for a team with a budget. Zito puts in perspective better than anyone.

"All three of our contracts are back-loaded," Zito said," and with the [six-year, $66-million] deal they gave [third baseman Eric Chavez] last year, they might feel like they have to cut some of that salary to stay where they want to be.

"It's a business. We all know that."

And Hudson takes a no-so-subtle dig at Schott and company which could impact Billy's thinking about trading Huddy.

"The only thing I've heard since the season ended is rumors, so I don't really know what [the A's are] thinking," Hudson said. "My first choice is definitely to stay in Oakland. I love it there, my family loves it there, the fans are great and it's been a great place to play. But I also want to win championships, and I know that's gonna cost money. And if they don't think they're gonna be able to re-sign me, they probably want to get more than a draft pick for me.

"As far as getting traded, though, all I can say is I'm just gonna prepare this offseason like I always do, and that's to be the best pitcher I can be for whatever team I'm gonna be playing for.

"I hope that team is Oakland. I really do."

Hudson says it right there. I know that winning championships costs money. Ahem, Steve, Timmy's talking to you.

So, as I said before, trading one of the Big Three is not ideal, but it's an idea that many of us green and gold supporters have to get used to.

They seemed to have accepted it. We should too.