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Diary Entry Guidelines

I hope everyone is enjoying the new capabilities of AN Version 2.0. I know there are still some kinks to be worked out and I'd hoped I'd be writing about how the A's were going to maintain their 2-0 series lead this year.

But alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Instead I want to lay down some guidelines for using the diary function. And it was my fault for just placing the diary function up on the new site without explaining how it should be used.

The purpose of the diaries is to give people the ability to create a mini-blog, if you will. So, ideally, we're looking for something thoughtful and insightful that can generate and sustain a conversation about our Athletics or something going on in MLB.

So, here are the guidelines:

Diary entries need to be more than one line, and they also need to deal with something of substance (substance will be judged by the AN community).

So no just communicating with a friend through the diary function. I'll try and post more open threads so those one line conversations between two people, or those one line thoughts can happen in that open thread.

I'm not pointing the finger at anyone in particular. Ideally the community will police itself by calling out posts which violate these rules.

At some point, AN will add a diary ranking function, but it isn't there just yet.

Again, I'll try and do my job of opening open threads more often to stimulate discussion, but unless you have a compelling point to expand on, think open thread comment instead of the diaries.

Thanks to everyone in advance for complying. I just want to try and maintain the high quality level of AN moving forward.