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Oakland Says "No Way San Jose"

This story continues to dog A's fans like Pigpen's dust cloud.

The Mercury News is reporting today that Oakland is laughing at San Jose's attempts to clear the way for the A's to move there.

"I don't blame San Jose or Santa Clara County. If I were in their shoes, I would do the same thing," De La Fuente said Tuesday. "The reality is that it will never happen because of financial reasons -- the Giants invested a lot of money in their ballpark and feel they need that territory -- and because it has never happened before."

Can't you just hear Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons right now? Ha, Ha!

I almost wish the territorial rights would be lifted to challenge his, "I've got the A's by the short curlys attitude."

It goes on...

"The next step is to articulate the steps that need to happen," Alameda County Supervisor Gail Steele said. "And I think we are very close to sitting down and figuring that out."

Um, shouldn't they have been talking about this for some time now? Don't they have some idea as to what needs to happen?

This story needs to be resolved.

How can you continue to build a fanbase with the threat of moving constantly looming? The problem is laborious to say the least and I'm sure has a significant impact on almost every aspect of the team.

Who wants to jump into that dust cloud any way?