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Open Division Series Playoff Thread

First up, Roger Clemens with an 18-4 record and a 2.98 ERA versus Jaret Wright with a 15-8 record and a 3.28 ERA.

Then, midday game, Brad Radke with an 11-8 record and a 3.48 ERA versus Jon Lieber with a 14-8 record and a 4.33 ERA.

And in the nightcap, Pedro Martinez with a 16-9 record and a 3.90 ERA versus Bartolo Colon with an 18-12 record and a 5.01 ERA.

AN has spoken and you want these playoff open threads, so enjoy.

By the way, my wife told me that Colon looks exactly like Shrek. I can't stop picturing the big green dude every time I see Bartolo now. So now you've got Grimace Ortiz versus Shrek Colon. Should be one ugly matchup, that's for sure.