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Dye's Contract Off the Books

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The A's have decided to part ways with Jermaine Dye and Chris Hammond.

Oakland Athletics - Declined to exercise the contract options of outfielder Jermaine Dye and pitcher Chris Hammond; sent outrightpitcher Kirk Saarloos, catcher Mike Rose, infielders Esteban German and Graham Koonce and outfielders Mike Edwards and Billy McMillon to Sacramento of the Pacific Coast League (AAA); purchased the contract of outfielder Nelson Cruz from Sacramento.

This isn't a huge shocker and there is a small chance that the A's will still negotiate with Dye at a reduced rate. But I don't believe he'll be back in green and gold. And you know what? It's a shame because I guarantee he's going to come back and have a good year this year. He finally appears healthy, but the A's have invested too much money in that already.

So, the outfielder is either Swisher, Kotsay, Byrnes and Kielty or some other moves are on the horizon. I'm guessing other moves are likely coming.

Hammond isn't that much of a surprise either. And the A's pen facelift is officially underway.