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Open ALCS Game Thread

Curt Schilling with a 21-6 record and a 3.26 ERA versus Mike Mussina with a 12-9 record and a 4.59 ERA.

Well, it's the series that East Coasters had been waiting for.

I personally think the Sox are a far superior team, with better pitching and a deeper lineup than the Yankees.

To me, the only thing that keeps the Red Sox from advancing to the World Series in a quick series is whether or not they can get out of their own way. In other words, as long as they don't pull a Byrnes or Tejada-like mistake in a crucial series-turning game.

If that doesn't happen, and who knows with the Red Sox, then I see this ending quickly in the Red Sox favor.

I think the Astros have the best chance at dumping the Sox in the WS, but we shall see if the 'stros can overcome the looming Cardinals offense.