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Game 160 Open Thread

Mark Mulder with a 17-7 record and a 4.31 ERA versus Bartolo Colon with a 17-12 record and a 5.19 ERA.

What more is there to say? The A's Big Three against the Angels potent offense led by Vlad the Impaler for the, ahem, right to play either the Red Sox or Yankees in the first round.

Game 160 and not a damn thing has been decided in the AL West. We always knew it was going to come down to these two teams, and it has in the most dramatic way possible.

If Mulder has finally figured out his problems, the A's win the game and greatly increase their chances of going to the playoffs for a fifth straight season.

If not, the A's will be cornered once again.

I say this loud and proud, AN, with all the green and gold pouring through my veins: