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Hanny to Seattle


Just read this and was suprised it happened SATURDAY. Today was the first I heard. I have mixed feelings.

Cabrera Rumor - To Boston?


This story talks about the Crimson Hose and their interest in our SS. It seems Bobby would return to short if the trade is executed. God forbid. We should be trading FOR players like Mark DeRosa, not sending players away.


Poll - Harden Trade Good or Bad?

Take the poll and decide for yourself. Will trading Harden and Gaudin to the Cubs end up as a good or bad trade for the A's? --------------- poll poll poll poll poll poll poll poll poll poll poll...

Kotsay trade finalized


[EDITOR'S NOTE: This one is hard for me.  Kotsay was one of my favorite A's in his time here, which was no small feat on his part considering that I really, really hated giving up Ramon Hernandez...


Joe Blanton Trade Ideas (and Rumors)

So as Nico has hinted at in an earlier post about Blanton and why it appears he has not held the value in the market as BB considers him to have.  But what should his value be in the market?  And...


Eveland potentially the next Haren?

The first thing i did when I looked at the Haren trade was to see if it had the potential to be like the Mulder trade. So looking for this trade's "dan haren" and "daric barton", i find Dana...


Alternative View of Haren Trade

Here's an angle that no one here has talked about yet.  Most people have concluded that Beane saw the injury progress in Az and wasn't confident in what he saw.  I'm not saying I think this, but is...


Tejada en route to Houston: Does this trigger more moves that affect Oakland?

According to this ESPN link, Miggy is finally getting out of Baltimore and heading to the Astros. The Orioles get Luke Scott, pitchers Matt Albers, Troy Patton and Dennis Sarfate, and third baseman...


So what if Beane decides to blow it up?

For really not much reason whatsoever, I was perusing mlbtraderumors and noticed this little tidbit about Boston possibly looking at Johan Santana or Haren.  Obviously adding Haren would give...


Piazza deal might be imminent

Buster Olney reports that Mike Piazza has cleared waivers and a deal might be in the works. Olney link Interestingly, he also mentions that Tejada was claimed by the White Sox off the wire, but a...

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