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Enough Already


Time to put the Steroid Era behind us.

AN Visits with MLB.com's Mychael Urban Part II


MLB.com reporter Mychael Urban is intervewed by Athletics Nation.

Governmental Interventions


I realize that I very well might get a lot of people angry by saying this, but I really wish that the congressional meetings on sports-related issues would just stop.   I know, I know.  The...


Can I Wear This? (Poll)

It's Christmas Day, so happy holidays everyone!  I got an A's gift today that I am not sure what to do with. Last year I was a huge Jack Cust fan.  I loved his story of perseverance and hard work....


Mitchell Report

  When I saw the Mitchell Report I was surprised that there were some names that were not listed.  There have been quite a few players that I thought they may have used steroids in their careers....


STEROIDPALOOZA: Jack Cust named in Mitchell Report

Paul Bunyan didn't use steroids, but Jack Cust does. Make that seven current or former Athletics named in the Mitchell Report. A's designated hitter, Jack Cust, was named in connection to former...


Bonds Revisited

Now that the Mitchell report has been released, I think its time to revisit the topic of if the A's should sign Barry Bonds, or if they do not, should that then signify that it is time to rebuild. ...


Paul Byrd in the Hand is worth none in the Bush?

Kind of weird timing, eh? Paul Byrd, the veteran pitcher who has helped the Cleveland Indians reach the brink of the World Series, bought nearly $25,000 worth of human growth hormone and syringes...


Rafael Betancourt Destroyed Our National Innocence

Please join Royals Review in standing up to the wanton evil that is noted steroids user Rafael Betancourt and his ennabling franchise, the Cleveland Indians. http://www.royalsreview.com/story/20... ...


The Steroid Era's Affect on our Beloved A's

I have thought about this alot lately, particularly with the nagging recurring injuries to Chavez.  When you boil right down to it, it could have been are beloved A's who helped create the whole...

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