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Open Game Thread: Spring Training Game 4 - A's vs. Rockies


Well, we seem to have discovered another minor AN 3.0 bug: every time I try to enter the name of the Rockies shortstop in HTML mode, it keeps switching to TULOWYSIWYG mode. Not sure what's up with...

Wednesday Potpourri and Spring Training Tickets


So, feel free to talk about Danny Haren and how much you will miss him here. We can also discuss the merits of our new Athletics. From Baseball Prospectus: But let's talk about the big four...

If There Was Ever A Football Game to Watch...


Well, after the lousiness that was the A’s 2007 season, and the disappointment of the World Series, and the looming possibility of a 2008 Angels team with A-rod [insert your own descriptive phrase...

Open World Series Thread - Game 4 - Is This It?


Well, after the disappointing first three games of the series, the question is now here: Are the Rockies going to be swept in a dominant showing of the American League, or is there still fight left...

Open Thread: 2007 Playoffs, Day #2007


Personally, I'm anticipating a 19-inning 1-0 ballgame tonight between the Red Sox and Indians, because no two teams in the playoffs can expect to deliver Major League-caliber performances without a...

Happy Birthday To Me Open Thread


So the A’s hate my birthday. It’s official. I think of the Birthday Curse every single year at this time, since every single major milestone birthday ends in tears when the A’s are in the...

Open Thread: Playoffs Day 6


Well, that big sigh of relief you all heard last night was the executives at MLB and TBS/TNT as the Yankees came back and won a game, making the NYY/CLE series the only one to continue past the...

Open Thread: 2007 Playoffs, Day Two


Yesterday's non-A's-related/why-are-they-still-playing results: Colorado 4 Philadelphia 2 Rockies lead series 1-0 LA Angels 0 Boston 4 Red Sox lead series 1-0 Chi Cubs 1 Arizona 3 Diamondbacks lead...

Open Thread: Some Playoff Games That the A’s Weren’t Invited To


Semi-bitter note before piles of playoff happiness and excitement: You will notice that not one of the games starts at 9:30 AM, Pacific Coast Time. I like to think it’s the 400,000 calls we made to...

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