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Squares in the Mist; Swisher on the Yanks


Ripped this off of Olney's daily link parade. The Yankees have zero charisma, a point which is emphasized by their reaction to Nick Swisher. "He-likes-hip-hop-music-and-fun-and-we-like-fun-as-well," reports a cyborg posing as Mark Teixeira. Yeesh. I'm sorry, Yankees: You're just tools.


(Over)Reactions: Jack Cust is Back! So is BoCro! and Kenny Williams Swindled Billy Beane {no exclamation mark}

Jack Cust is back. After today’s game, Jack Cust is riding a seven game hit streak over which he has posted a .458 Avg, .552 OBP and .791 Slg, good for a 1.343 OPS. What’s more, over those seven...


Batted Ball Profiles and What They Tell Us-- Part 3

All content from this post has been removed in accordance with my decision to leave Athletics Nation. It is my sad duty to report that I no longer wish to create content for, or share it with, this...

ANtics Episode 3.26: Target Swisher


Hit a home run. Get hit by a pitch. Repeat... Nick Swisher has seen more than his fair share of balls thrown his way this season. Take a look at some of the evasive moves he's picked up to keep the...


Swisher's Wish- July 18th in Berkeley (More Details to Follow)

Hey Everyone in AN Land, I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but next Wed (July 18th) Nick will be hosting a charity event for his charity, Swish's Wishes. Tickets can be purchased at w...


Corey Brown=Nick Swisher

Now, before I get into all this, I must tell everyone:  I might be a little biased, being that I'm a staunch Oklahoma State fan, and a staunch Corey Brown fan.  And I live in Oklahoma City, which...

Melhuse, You Got It Only Half Right...


Look out everyone, the A's have a new leading home run hitter. After seeing his lengthy locks shorn in the most recent homestand, I was concerned that Nick Swisher would have seen the source of his...

ANtics Episode 3.12: A Cust Above


I think I missed the chapter in Moneyball that said "Make sure everybody gets injured and you call up career minor leaguers". Maybe it died at the editor's table, or will be a new add to the second...


DLD 4/2: Tick, tick, tick...

Happy Opening Day!  Baseball is really back, and it rocks. I took the day off for this.  Now I just need to know how to watch all the games (outside of the smorgasboard ESPN and ESPN2 has for...


"Holy (bleep), Chad Gaudin is touching me!"

Gotta love being an A's fan!

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