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Baseball's best-fielding double-play combo


Throw in Barton and you have the best-fielding double play trio!


Mark Ellis: The Poll

I am curious as to the predictive powers of AN. The question is: will Mark Ellis be resigned? Not should he be, etc., etc., but will he be? Many think the acquisitions of Weeks and Patterson, not...


DLD 5/29: Monkeys and robots will team up to destroy humans

When you think of monkey-robot hybrids, you usually think of cute little creatures like this: via www.gadgets-weblog.com   No longer. Monkeys with sensors implanted in their brains have...

Buying Bonds and Getting Hurt


So I'm sitting here watching the Red Sox and Rangers and listening to Ken Macha do the color for the broadcast because Jerry Remy, the Sox usual color guy, is out ill.  Let me just tell you, Ken...

Crosby, Ellis, Overshadow Smith in Tense A's Win


If you gave me 10-1 odds at the beginning of the season that Bobby Crosby would be getting good wood on the ball in the opening weeks of the season, not hacking at slop, and actually becoming...



testing ... MaEl at Fanfest 08


Batted Ball Profiles And What They Tell Us-- Part 2

All content from this post has been removed in accordance with my decision to leave Athletics Nation. It is my sad duty to report that I no longer wish to create content for, or share it with, this...

ANtics Episode 3.27: A New Hope


By the end of 2007, the A's heroes weren't guys named Crosby, Chavez, Kendall and Kotsay. Instead, a ragtag bunch, including Suzuki, Barton, Cust, and Hannahan, helped the A's to their fair share...

ANtics Episode 3.22: South Dakotan Sensation


The old adage of "good field, no hit" is antiquated in this age when second basemen and shortstops are expected to provide power and slugging alongside the muscle-bound first basemen and...

Open Game Thread: Game 76 - A's at Cleveland (cont.)


Dan Haren exits and Casilla enters in the bottom of the 7th with the bases full, as the team tries to hang on to a 4-3 margin over the Cleveland Indians. Meanwhile, Mark Ellis appears to have taken...

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