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Buying Bonds and Getting Hurt


So I'm sitting here watching the Red Sox and Rangers and listening to Ken Macha do the color for the broadcast because Jerry Remy, the Sox usual color guy, is out ill.  Let me just tell you, Ken...

The Hypothetical Also Rises


Rich Harden was pretty freaking brilliant today.  Blanton was good yesterday, albeit not Harden good, but he doesn't have Harden's stuff. Now I'm well aware of small sample sizes and the fact that...

Open Thread: Spring Training Game 22 and 23 - A's vs. Angels, A's at Cubs


Rich Harden will be taking on the Angels at Phoenix Muni.  A's killer Ervin Santana is the opposing starter.  Joe Blanton draws travel time to go to face the Cubs. This is their last respective...

Open Thread: Game 131 - A's at Tampa Bay


Tonight is the A's eighth Saturday night away game of the 2007 season, and the team is still searching for their first win. This task is made ever more daunting by the fact the occasionally...

ANtics Episode 3.19: Reality Bites


Oh the All-Star Break. A great time to relax and bask in the wonder of baseball... most years. But this year, as the A's slumped into the break like an underage wannabe frat boy with a fake ID...

ANtics Episode 3.18: Joe Blanton, Enigma


There wasn't much to celebrate with the most recent series against the Mets. But on Saturday, Joe Blanton put up eight scoreless innings in yet another remarkable pitching effort by him this...

ANtics Episode 3.16: Summer Surge


For some reason, the A's of the last few seasons have always saved their best efforts until after May was over. With that ugly month behind us, the team has surged forward, taking 3 of 4 from the...

ANtics Episode 3.15: Breaking the 2 Hour Barrier


On Saturday night, Joe Blanton beat out the Twins' Carlos Silva in a one-hour, 49 minute shutout, making the crowd of 30,000 at the game wait for more than an hour before the promised post-dusk...

Melhuse, You Got It Only Half Right...


Look out everyone, the A's have a new leading home run hitter. After seeing his lengthy locks shorn in the most recent homestand, I was concerned that Nick Swisher would have seen the source of his...

Washburned Away


It's one thing to hope the A's offense will put up a few crooked numbers against a not-so-good Seattle Mariners squad, but today's performance on the scoreboard made you go "OOOOOOOOO..." As in,...

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