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Is it Time to lock up Cust long term?

Looking not so deep into the A's future one thing is very clear. The A's have little to no finacial obligations for players in 2011. They will have twelve (12)  Arbitration (one) or (two) players,...

Dealing with A's for Cust might help Jays


Say it ain't so. This guy claims it's already been discussed. I won't stand for it!


Beautiful Friend (the end)

Whiteshoes40 beat me to the punch but here are my photos from the last home game of 2008. Enjoy!

Staturday: Jack & Ichiro: Still Two of a Kind?


Back in March I commented on the similarity between the way Ichiro Suzuki and Jack Cust produce very, very dissimilar results. Ichiro has confounded PECOTA for years because he is a truly unique...

Was Picking Up Frank Thomas a Mistake?


I know, I know, people hate it when there is premature speculation (isn't there a pill for that these days?).  But I'm wondering if the A's might've made a mistake in picking up Frank Thomas.  The...

Jack Cust Named AL Player of the Week


The send-Jack-Cust-packing Club on AN has simmered down a bit recently and that's because Spartacust has been back to his 2007 ways recently.  So much so that it earned him the AL Player of the...


(Over)Reactions: Jack Cust is Back! So is BoCro! and Kenny Williams Swindled Billy Beane {no exclamation mark}

Jack Cust is back. After today’s game, Jack Cust is riding a seven game hit streak over which he has posted a .458 Avg, .552 OBP and .791 Slg, good for a 1.343 OPS. What’s more, over those seven...

Staturday: Jack & Ichiro: Two of a Kind


  Two of a kind, for your information, we're two of a kind Two of a kind, it's my observation, we're two of a kind Like peas in a pod And birds of a feather Alone or together, you'll find ...


Odds and Ends

In a little over a week from now pitchers and catchers report.  So what will the 2008 A's look like?  Who will bat third?  Where will the power come from?


Batted Ball Profiles And What They Tell Us-- Part 2

All content from this post has been removed in accordance with my decision to leave Athletics Nation. It is my sad duty to report that I no longer wish to create content for, or share it with, this...

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