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seriously, everybody needs to calm down about 'the trade.'  how many people freaked out when hudson, mulder, swisher, and haren were traded?  how many of you were screaming bloody murder and...


Poll - Harden Trade Good or Bad?

Take the poll and decide for yourself. Will trading Harden and Gaudin to the Cubs end up as a good or bad trade for the A's? --------------- poll poll poll poll poll poll poll poll poll poll poll...


A's come to terms with Gaudin

Link The Oakland A's today announced that they have agreed to terms with right-handed pitcher Chad Gaudin on a one-year contract.


Gaudin to have surgery

Official Report: The Oakland A's today announced that right-handed pitcher Chad Gaudin will have surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left hip on Tuesday, December 18 in New Orleans. The...


2008 Oakland Athletics Organizational Depth Report

i have started to rank the organizational depth of pitching for all 30 MLB teams on my blog. today's list was the athletics, and here are the top 3 pitchers, under the age of 25, that i see in this...

Dare We Dream?


Nah, just kidding.  But it was fun for a night.  I honestly don't remember seeing an ump with a tighter strike zone.  For both sides.  I'm not saying that Gaudin was good because he wasn't, but...


Two Controversial A's Moves

Shut down Chad Gaudin - now - for the remainder of the season. Do not - I repeat, do not - bring up Daric Barton this year, under any circumstances. I several reasons for believing the A's...

Sometimes You're Gaudin, Sometimes You're Not So Gaudin


Poor Chad.  He reverted to the walk-a-thon tendencies of last year and it burned him right off the top.  And the A's offense was pretty easily kept in check by Minnesota tonight outside of the one...

Changing Approach


So I'm not usually one to give another team credit for an A's victory, but I think tonight it was clear that the Mariners didn't make the necessary adjustments to win this game.  By that I mean,...


Why this is a good season

I'm not writing with blinders or rose-colored glasses on when I say this: The season has been a big success so far. And here's why: If I had told you the Angels were going to have the pitching...

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